Along with a rich tradition of innovation, a superior standard of quality has allowed Baja to maintain its performance personality in the marketplace. It’s evident in every aspect of our company — from our advanced hull designs to our constantly evolving styles and graphics and our never-ending quest to building better, faster boats. Year after year, we’re striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Testing is at the forefront of how we bring ideas to reality. Comprehensive analysis, review and evaluation combined with a myriad of industry-leading test procedures provide the pathway to breakthrough engineering. Our boats are tested in the water at our state of the art facility on the Inner Banks of North Carolina.

With one of the industry’s most advanced product line — and a reputation for superior performance, safety and durability — it’s plain to see that if you’re looking for the best all-around performance boat, you’ve found it. We’re still setting the standards, setting the records and setting a pace that has everyone following our lead.